Peace and Blessings

Love from above.

Welcome to The Carnelian Angel, channelled messages from the angel, Sarwon Gato.

Conscious Convergence Meditation Message: 17th and 18th July

We, right now, are creating a web surrounding earth like a blanket, just like human souls hold hands together in loving light and hope.

As above, so below, on all levels of living – on the earth level, heavenly level, human level. Your bodies are like the heavenly bodies, it just takes time to realise that it is not as base as you would imagine. It is one and it is divine.

Unity of mind and body, body and soul, soul and mental capabilities – all these things will become one. The planet is going through this right now.

Upon death, a sediment of skills and talent are above the head. Through the conscious convergence , these are made even more readily available to the human. It is but through intention that these are pulled into the current consciousness.

We have been telling you this for years. Your body needs to remember to speak to itself. Cells to cells in a body of liquid - and this liquid holds the instruction of communication. Your thoughts and intention will carry the message through into your cells, through water.

Your divinity is located in each and every cell of your body and through the conscious convergence you are igniting the intention to speak to them, that that on a grander scale beyond your own system, your own body, you can be connected and one with others who are also one with themselves.

It is for this reason that today the focus is on water. Water is in everything and is the basic building block of each living thing. If all the water in all the earth can be ignited with this conscious unity mind-set, then all the world will have access to this. All the world would be affected by it – through consuming water, but also because they are made primarily of water themselves.

Water makes up 70% of your body. It also makes up over 70% of the earth. You must realise then that ultimately there is more water on the earth than land space – and it makes up organic matter. Also know that it is full of love – and this is why you are infusing it today even more, with love and light.

With love, 
Sarwon Gato

Channelled on 17-07-2010 between 4pm and 5pm during the Conscious Convergence Meditation, with love, Sarwon Gato.

You Are Boundless

I greet you.

To meet with spirit, to talk to us, you don’t always have to have an agenda or a question – you simply have to be. It is the human mind that requires you to think that structure is necessary. We are structureless, boundless, endless, just like love – endless, without any end, start or middle. Can you fathom that? Can you fathom the infinity which resides within you in that state that is beyond human limitations?

As a child, you looked out over the ocean and thought it ended where the horizon met up with the sky, until your father explained to you that the sea went on and on – beyond that line, that limitation. You see, you could not see it, but you believed what he said was true. And, as you matured, you realised it for yourself – there are distant lands beyond the horizon. This is what it is like with us. We go beyond any planet, any galaxy known to- or named by man. Yes, your scientists have come close – but none have ever reached below the tip of the iceberg.

We care so much about you because we were once human and every planet with life on it matters to us. All are part of the magical plan of God – we say magical because again it supersedes all of your human boundaries of thought and intellectual barriers! It is boundless!

We know in your daily life, you have worries, fears and limitations. We well you truly that these are just that: limitations. Unbound yourself, free yourself from these and watch your spirit soar as it is born to do. Just like water flows freely and does not stick to the mould, but moves freely – so you must do the same. You have grown and can see that there is much beyond that distant horizon.

Moving beyond your mind/ego limitations sets you free to move as freely as a flowing river, and that is why you have the saying ‘go with the flow’. Learn to move with it instead of against the flow. This is when you will see wonderful things happen in your life that you felt were seemingly blocked from you. If you block yourself with limitations and boundaries, then that is what you will get: more blocks and boundaries.

Move freely with your life – with the ebb and flow of life and you will flow freely into that ‘sweet spot’. No longer will it be elusive to you. No longer will it evade you. The lesson today is freeing yourself and letting go and letting God.

We love you.

Sarwon Gato. 

Channeled on 2010-06-21. With love, Sarwon Gato.

Nature Surrounds You

The beauty of nature is to be found in its very innocence, its very purity, in its child-likeness. Yes that child can act out in as you would call ‘bad weather’, but truly, it is still a child at heart. 

Nature surrounds you with the elements: earth, air, fire, water – each of these playing a specific role within you. 

You reside in nature – whether you live physically in a high rise flat, or if you live in the countryside.  It’s important that if you do live (or work) in a high rise flat – a place that seems ‘devoid’ of nature, that you acknowledge and remember the presence of Her, whether by looking out and up at the stars at night, by inviting nature in by having a plant close by, or by simply realising that She’s never left you – even though she might be invisible in your cement jungle. 

It is very easy to find Her. All you need to do is open your eyes. 

Or close them…

Dreams are a way of connecting to the Mother Nature Child. It is not a contradiction to call her mother and to call her child – for the mother and the child are one. The mother gives life to the child, feeds the child, and cares for the child. The child grows into a man or a woman – yet, the mother who gave that child life will always remain within that child – in your child-selves – Always. 

When you dream you may see many different images. Some mundane (seemingly), some visionary, or some even rather frightening. All of your dreams connect you back to your child-self and highlight something you need to know of remember for your conscious life to move forward. It is the Mother Nature Child that is responsible for your dreams at night. Being creative, your dreams are an expression of your child-self.

Pay attention to your dreams and when you remember them after waking, write them down as a means of solidifying the memory in yourself. The act of writing pulls things ‘down’ out of the invisible realm and brings it into the space there things are visible for you. 

Because the Mother has unconditional love for all her children (all of you) on earth, she gives you dreams in order to bring you another step closer to recalling your child-self. Her eyes watch everything. She watches you stray away from yourself, but then she watches you come back to yourself - and she allows for both of these. She cradles you, comforts you and as always, loves you unconditionally – no matter what you have done – or what you may think you have done. She loves you so fully, so completely and so unified is her love that you can feel her embrace physically sometimes. Sit quietly in raw nature to feel Her presence surround you. 

Dreams are also for processing painful memories or occurrences you’ve had difficulty processing whilst conscious. She loves you so much that she knows dreams are a way of helping you forward towards your child-self without getting hurt. 

Imagine for one day that each day the sun is birthed from the womb of a mother. It leaves the mother and travels far and wide and experiences everything there is to experience; all the emotions, all the acts – every single action in this life that is available to be experienced. This is too many to be comprehended, but the sun sees and feels all while out of the mother’s womb. Then, at sunset, the child sun returns to the mother and embracing her is born again for a new sunrise to experience everything again.

No matter what the sun has experienced, she loves him unconditionally and invites him home again with open arms. She comforts his yelling, screaming and crying and reminds him that she’ll always be there and reside in his heart.

Essence Poem
Nature’s beauty
In its innocence, purity and child-likeness, 
Surrounds you.
Always remember and acknowledge the presence of Her.
Look out and up at Her stars at night,
Pay homage to a simple plant -
And know that She has never left you. 
It’s easy to find her – just open your eyes!
Or close them…
Dreams are a way of connecting with Her,
Mother and child are one.
Dreams connect you back to your child-self.
The mother has unconditional love for her children,
her eyes watch everything…
She watches you stray from you
And then observes you coming back again
And allows for both of these. 
She loves you unconditionally.
She cradles you.
She comforts you.
So full, so complete you can feel her embrace.
She helps you forward in dreams
Toward recalling your child-self. 

Channeled on 2010-03-28. With Love, Sarwon Gato

Finding Your Way Back

How can a soul find its way back again? How can it forgive itself for all its wrongs it’s committed against other souls? Those real or imagined? Our history – and all our wrongs? How to find peace and forgive ourselves for those wrongs?

Life on the planet is not easy. Being in an earth body even more so. Situations are designed so that your soul finds itself in certain situations where choices are made. Choices are ranked in levels of the best choice for your situation – and what you came to the planet to achieve. There are hundreds and thousands of possibilities – infinite in fact: each impacts on another. So none can really ever be right or wrong. 

List all those you think you might’ve wronged and meet them in spirit – in their soul selves on the astral plane. Here, talk to them, embrace them and cry too – tell them you’re sorry and that you love them and that you know you are truly one with them, You will see their ways change towards you as their soul selves – their essence – is informed of your intention. It is truly a helpful tool – one of true beauty that can bring to your life so much peace. Suffer no more, my child. Let go of your fears, your hurts, your worries. How many times must we remind you that you are never alone? 

Your soul is truly a thing of beauty and shines so brightly. From our vantage point, your earth planet shines even brighter than the sun, for each soul is a light. All those you think you've wronged or hurt in this life, which when this life is over, you all meet up again, chat about everything like old pals and realise it was all a play – a play of growth and development, which is sometimes painful. So cry, let those tears fall freely, you are all growing so much right now. Your lights are shining brighter with each passing second. Be kinder to yourself, whilst raising your vibratory rate. You are with the people around you at this time of your life to do just that. It is inevitable – the learnings take place and your soul grows and develops. 

To increase your vibratory rate and decrease your fear, exercise and eat healthfully. Avoid foods which slow down your vibration. Those foods can also give you feelings of fearfulness and depression. Get into a routine with these things. Also, spend a few moments outside each day to absorb some light from the sun and the moon. It is most effective when you are standing directly in it – outside. 

Let go of your fears and worries as much as you can every day, because they only generate more fear and worry. Let us do the worrying for you. Just imagine handing it over to us – all wrapped up in a parcel and let us carry it into the light for you. Guaranteed you will feel lighter, less weighed down yourself! So if you have fear – just visualise yourself giving over a package called ‘fear and worry’ in brown paper packaging and just handing it over the counter (so to speak) to us. It always gets delivered into the light – unlike many earthly postal systems! [Laughs] 

Just as we carry away negativity, we can also help you to set up soul meetings where forgiveness is warranted. You do not always have to meet on the earth level to forgive the other – or to receive forgiveness. It can be done in the ether. However, the soul forgiveness ‘session’, if you like, often brings your physical bodies in close proximity again – to almost ‘solidify’ the exchange in the physical realm. This does not always happen. Although people all seem vastly different, all souls have the basic realisation that at our very essence, were are all one being – with one another. Love connects us all. 

Habits are usually born out of fear. If you want to release the habit, go to the root of your fear. More than anything, fear holds us back, ties us to the antithesis of our spirituality. As you grow to encompass more light, these fears will fall away. 

We promise you – you will be fine. It will be ok and that truly – there is nothing to fear. We are so close to you every moment of every day – if you could see us you might say we’re crowding you! [Laughs] That’s how much we love you!

Examine each fear in turn and mentally answer each one in turn with the following few statements:
-when have we let you down?
-I am loved.
-I am protected.
-Everything is working out beautifully.

In other words, remember the very real fact that you are not alone in this world!

Channeled on 2010-05-05. With love, Sarwan Gato

Revealing The Child Self

The silence in your heart is wide and quiet. If you go to that space, sometimes, you will find a sense of peace, tranquillity and serenity. Too often, human beings think that they need to meditate, have an experience that is ‘spiritual’ in order to get in touch with us, but we are much closer than that. You simply need to close your eyes, think of a quiet, serene place and we’re there. We’re there in the noise as well, but you can’t hear or sense our presence half as much as you would in a time of silence. 

We show ourselves to you in signs and gestures. Perhaps we’d manifest in a stone one day, and in the look of a neighbour as they help you with something. In that sense, you are all angelic, divine beings – you just can’t see your wings. If you could see them, you’d know how very beautiful they are and how they can hold you through all your daily life’s problems. If you like the fluffy white kind – then sure, but they can be any amount of colours, textures and tastes – but they are always filled with light and love – these are a pre-requisite.

Children, we will call human beings children from now on in your writings – and will specify when we mean the very young – for ease of the reader. Children, we call you all children because we see your perfect selves – before you were polluted (although we don’t think this word is entirely right) or changes and influenced by the world and other human beings around you. We see you all in your perfect states – each and every one of you – whole and complete, meditative and serene, joyful and triumphant, loving and free of any burden. This is your true self who we see – who we endeavour to bring to the surface beyond the ego-self that is judgemental and the opposite of all things that are what is truly you– or what truly defines you. You are infinite in your definition – for you are an infinite being. 

Compassion for the ego – not a self-hatred, is what helps to heal the ego. Loving patience and kindness to the self is what will allow the children in human beings to some out onto the surface. Yes, it may seem like a constant battle - but instead of seeing it as a war, rather see it as a means of learning compassion and loving patience. When someone wrongs you – remember this – for they have momentarily stepped away from their child-self and have and are in need of your compassion and loving kindness to bring them back to their child-self again. Try it out for yourself! It could be that someone upsets you, makes you angry and also makes you momentarily lose touch with your child-self. In that very moment, when you feel your temperature rise and your anger boil, stop yourself immediately and remind yourself of your wings. Remind yourself of the other person’s wings too. They are there – just like yours – no matter who they are and what they have done – and who they might’ve hurt. They are simply in need of you to recall your child-self and to show loving compassion and patience and they will also remember their child-self.

If you can help someone to remember this then this makes your wings glow brighter and more beautiful – and what a sight you are. 

It is also much better for your physical well-being and your general health to be loving, kind, patient and sparing to those around you- and those you interact with. A simple smile can change history, can change the world. A smile can help with remembering the child-self. And again, it is so good for your physical well-being – and we need strong, healthy children on this earth if we’re to bring all the world to recall their beautiful, whole, divine state of the child-self. 

You simply need to trust your child-self. You need to trust and have infinite compassion for yourself. Clear out the clutter from your surroundings – as this also helps to reveal the child-self. 

Do not judge others for not showing their spiritual child-self. It may seem that it’s not there as clearly as it could be – hidden behind many layers – but it is there, and it is equally beautiful and full of potential. It is not your duty to unveil that, or drag it out, but rather to show compassion and loving patience to them – and it will automatically be revealed, but not in your timeframe. It will only be revealed in their own timeframe, which they have agreed to. 

They will use your compassion and loving patience toward them when it is time for them to recall their child-self – whole and magnanimous in its beauty and purity. 

Remember, you have all been here more than once – countless times – and you have all at one or more times recalled your child-self – but this was always done in your own time, and not according to the timetable of someone else. 

France 1848/9 Ariadne Cologne
As an ordinary girl from a small village, you were once a nun. You left your parents’ home in search of the church were you felt compelled to go. It saddened you to walk through the dusty roads in your beige garments and leave your family behind, but you felt the call to return to your child-self so strongly. You entered the church and was blessed and ordained as a nun and you spent many years in service – berating yourself for sinning, praying morning, noon and night and observing silence as your penance. One day, you were out, walking the surrounding country roads. You found a crystal in your pathway and bent down to dig it up. Holding it up to the light, you realised that this could not be evil – evil as you had been taught, because ‘witches’ or witch hunts at the time were rife – and those women were always found with amulets, crystals and the like on their person and on their property. Holding it to the sun, the crystal transferred its message of love to you – opening your heart, scraping away the ego until all that was left was your child-self. In that moment, you realised that God was more infinite that you imagined – and full of love – so much love! You held the stone as you wept in a baby’s pose, the way you lay in your mother’s womb.

You recalled your child-self in that moment. If you had not left your home, your family, gone to the nunnery, lived as a nun with all that happened – berating yourself for all that you thought was evil – and if you hadn’t walked to the mountains that day and picked up that stone - you would not have remembered then and there. Another occurrence would have taken you to recall your child-self. Everything has divine timing. 

The child-self is revealed and recalled when everything is in alignment for it to happen. No amount of convincing can speed up the process… only compassion and loving patience will encourage it. Open your heart to compassion for others. See them as children, looking for their mother, but lost at the moment. Have faith that they will find her. 

That crystal you dug up from the ground helped you recall your child-self. It was waiting for you all your life to find it. Against everything you’d learned, everything the church had taught you – you recalled yourself through a stone of the earth. It is for this reason that you have a love got God’s ‘flowers of the earth’ – you knew it as a child and you know it now, that rocks, stones and crystals all hold a key within them – a key that may fit your inner crystal that when turned opens the gates and lets your child-self come in and out to the surface!

It is for this reason that you feel a love for the church, yet do not ‘abide by’ or follow its practices. You know that God is not within four walls – he is much, much greater. You know within yourself that penance and punishment for the self is not as powerful as compassion and loving kindness and patience. You tried to teach this in the convent, but no one, but one nun, listened. As you spoke, her eyes lit up and she shed some tears – as your talking about your experience unveiled in her, her child-self – something she’d always known was there, but never trusted as real. In each other you found kindred spirits, and you comforted each other – but were always aware that if your secret was exposed, you would be cast out. 

Unable to bear living a lie, focused on punishment of the self and penance, you fled and settled on a cliff’s edge, where you lived out your lives and practised your love of stones, your love for each other and peace, compassion and loving patience.

Again, we emphasise that timing is divine. Do not focus your energies on changing someone – or trying to open their eyes, or trying to pull the child-self out – no – focus on yourself; focus on your child-self. Beauty resides there – and this is the place where peace is found – not in the attempt of changing someone else. This is not your duty. This is a totally individual goal that will happen at a random moment for everyone.

The child-self is always revealed – always. 

Essence Poem
The silence in your heart 
Is wide and quiet.
There, only peace, tranquillity and serenity reside.
Don’t fly too far – there is no need – 
We’re much closer than that.
Simply close your eyes, we’re there.
You are all angels - you just can’t see your wings.
You are all
Whole and complete -
Meditative and serene - 
Joyful and triumphant -
Loving and free.
This is the true self we see… the child-self.
You are infinite in your definition.
Remind yourself of your wings.
What a sight you are!
You are hidden behind many layers.
Shed them!
Recall your child-self.
Purity and beauty.
Full of love, so much love!
The child-self is always revealed – 

Channeled on 2010-03-06. With Love, Sarwon Gato